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A 1937 heritage designated Art Deco venue in Toronto's Bloorcourt neighbourhood, Paradise reopens in 2019 following a highly anticipated renovation.



Paradise Theatre

LSO CONSULTING provided Consulting and Engineering for Cinema, Multi-Media, AV, Performance Sound, Performance Lighting and Control.


The renovation started around 4 years ago, there were many items not accounted for in the initial renovation. When we joined the team, we redesigned: the stage layout, extended it to support live bands, the projection booth and the FOH booth (separating the projection booth and the FOH to an open FOH), the equipment room, the green room, the lighting grid, added a catwalk to link existing rooms, the cinema screen and the corporate screen, curtains systems, redesigned a major part of the acoustic and redesigned the AV electrical requirements.


First thing was to separate the Live system from the Cinema system. Make two independent systems since they have deferent functions. A flexible curtain system was added to enclose the stage during cinema and live mode. The stage space is very limited and every inch count. The difficulty was to integrate conduits, power, acoustic, curtains, catwalk, performance sound system, performance lighting, screen loudspeakers and lift controls. Added a lift system for the screen loudspeakers.


The theatre has a main floor with approximately 200 seats, at the balcony there are 50 bench style seats, a bar and side wings for additional standing locations during live performance.




The theater is outfitted with 3 modes: Cinema, Live and Corporate.

The live system is composed of:

 A d&b system with dual 24S cluster per side, two B220SUB under the stage, 3 front fills 8S, 4 M6 monitors and two S10 balcony delays, three 30D amplifiers, one 10D amplifier,

 A Yamaha CL1 with RIO3224, supporting Dante,

 An Intercom system and a hearing assist system,

 Shure QLXD wireless microphones,

 A GrandMA on PC,

 Chauvet lights 10 ColorSource spot, 12 Par DB, 4 Maverick MKq spot, 6 Maverick MK2 wash, 3 ColoForce II,

 A FOH Desisti motorised batten.


The Cinema system is composed of:

 A motorized Strong MDI micro-perforated cinema screen,

 A Barco DP4K-17BLP DCI projector with Alchemy 3TB server, used by cinema and corporate events,

 A left, centre, right Screen speakers QSC CS-423C-F installed horizontally and motorized to a Joel Theatrical winch, 24 QSC 1030 surround loudspeakers, 4 QSC DPA.2Q amplifiers, a QSC Core 510i with Dante,

 A motorized Ted talk Strong MDI none perforated screen.


The Corporate system is composed of:

 A sigle 4K Panasonic camera AG-CX350,YouTube streaming enable and recording capability, Shure wireless microphone,

 A video matrix Crestron DMPS3-4K-350C,

 A Crestron TSW-1060 touch screen.